With over 13 years of business and residential finance experience, we pride ourselves on understanding your individual needs and goals. We understand the demands and needs of all our clients, from the individual to the larger corporate businesses. In taking the time to understand your situation, we can ensure you end up completely satisfied with the outcome..

We are committed to finding the right financial solution for you, each and every time. Here are some of our top tips and solutions for both personal and corporate finance. 

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Every year thousands of foreign nationals, Australian expats and temporary residents decide to buy a home or investment property in Australia. Firstly you should read about how to buy property in Australia, followed by the rules for foreigners investing in Australia. Note: You may need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), depending on your circumstances.
Although the features vary depending on the lender, our mortgage brokers can usually find you a suitable loan that has flexible policies for non-resident borrowers and meets your requirements.

The days of borrowing 100% of the purchase price without any proof of savings are gone. Unfortunately, due to the global financial crisis, there are no lenders able to fund these types of loans.
However, you can still potentially get approval for a 100% loan if you have existing real estate, or if you have help from your relatives.

Trusts are more popular these days when considering property and asset purchases. Some of the attractions include the potential asset protection and tax advantages offered by trusts.
We deal with all type of scenarios including:

  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Unit Trusts
  • Hybrid Trusts
  • SMSF Trusts


Surely there is someone who can use common sense rather than just referring to outdated guidelines?

Modern home loan lenders are beginning to understand that these days not everyone has a 9 – 5 job and not everyone can prove their income as easily as they’d like to.

With overtime, probation, contractors and agency workers with multiple part time jobs, it isn’t hard to see that most people don’t fit the banks normal rules.


Low doc home loans are for those who are self employed and are unable to prove their income through traditional means. This is the only way that you can borrow without recent tax returns or financial statements. You may have already found that choosing the right low doc home loan can be difficult as lenders have different requirements and interest rates.


A bad credit home loan is a type of loan that is offered from a non-conforming or specialist lender. They will entertain most scenarios for people with a poor credit rating or previous legal issues.

We understand not all applications will meet the normal Banks guidelines. As such, these providers are available when you fit this category.


Commercial Property finance is not the standard home loan process experience. Depending on the nature of the transaction there may be different requirements and considerations before simply lodging an application. We have extensive experience with Commercial Loans to assist you during this process.
Whether you are embarking on a Development project, investing to build your Commercial Property portfolio or purchasing your next Commercial Office to grown your business we can cater for all scenarios.
Our very thorough pre-qualification process will ensure you are focussed on the right solution from the beginning. Saving you time and money….